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Joan K. Bonnet cannot say enough about the service she received at Indiana Spine Group (ISG) and Indiana Spine Hospital (ISH).

A little history…Joan came to Indiana Spine Group back in July of this year and returned in August for surgery, by Dr. Rick Sasso.  Dr. Kevin Macadaeg injected Joan’s back to help determine that she had three stress fractures in her lumbar spine.  Joan was in excruciating pain and had difficulty walking prior to her surgery. Even Bella Blue, her service dog, could feel the pain she was in.

Since putting her first foot into the building in July, Joan has been amazed by the treatment she has received and continues to receive at both ISG and ISH.  “I couldn’t believe how content and at ease everyone was, making me feel less anxious about surgery.  The employees were well educated and covered all my questions without me even addressing them, that was amazing in itself.   The hospital was like no other I have been to.  I felt like I was at a spa and the food was outstanding.”

Now, six weeks later, Joan is feeling so much better and is walking almost a half-mile a day with her dog Bella Blue.  Indiana Spine Group and Indiana Spine Hospital are so happy Joan is doing well and is back in action.  Thank you Joan for giving us the opportunity to make your life a little bit happier.

A Spine Success Story; Meet Mack Bentz, Jr:

 Mack first arrived at the doors of Indiana Spine Group in September 2019.

Rewind back to the year 2007, when he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spaces in your spine which may put pressure on the spinal cord/nerves). Several surgeries were performed, by an outside group at that time, to relieve pain in his back and neck. Unfortunately, he did not improve. Mack ultimately lived with his pain for over ten years and in 2017, things began to change when he became progressively weaker, developed balance issues, and subsequently began to fall. In a relatively short period of time, over the course of 6-12 months, he digressed from using a cane to a stationary walker, to a rollator walker, and ultimately becoming wheelchair-bound. In 2018, he was forced to move into an assisted living facility because he had lost his independence.

In early 2019, Mack decided to see a neurologist, who told him there was nothing that could be done to help. Mack obtained a second opinion with a neurosurgeon that stated his spinal cord was compressed in his neck causing his issue; however, they wouldn’t operate because of the risks involved.

Determined to find a better solution, Mack went to see his primary care physician, Kathryn M. Colteryahn, M.D. for further advice. Dr. Colteryahn gave Mack the hope he was waiting for; she recommended seeing Dr. Justin Miller at Indiana Spine Group.  Dr. Miller saw Mack, in our Danville office, for the first time in September 2019, wherein he gave his story/history. After a thorough evaluation and discussing Mack’s options to possibly get his life back on track, Dr. Miller ultimately performed surgery on his cervical spine at Hendricks Regional Hospital in October 2019. Dr. Miller removed the pressure from the spinal cord and stabilized his head and neck to further protect the spinal cord and hopefully allow it to heal. Since then, Mack has improved tremendously and can now perform most of life’s daily activities independently. He is living pain-free and his goal is to transfer out of rehabilitation and return to assisted living. “A person has to have goals, even at 87 years old, right?”, said Mack.

A huge thank you to Mack and his family, for giving Indiana Spine Group and Dr. Justin Miller the opportunity to make a difference in his life.

Slow and steady wins the race… 

Daniel Cisek returned to Indiana Spine Group after Dr. Joseph Smucker initially treated him with a lumbar laminectomy in July 2018 for spinal stenosis; a narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves.

Daniel and his wife Mary were in Florida earlier this year, when he experienced weakness in his arms, pain, was falling often and began having difficulty walking. They traveled back to Indiana to see Dr. Smucker in March, during the COVID pandemic. It was difficult to see anyone in Florida during this time and Daniel wanted to revisit Indiana Spine Group due to his former care here.  Daniel was unable to walk when he was seen at our clinic in Carmel.  The weakness and balance difficulties he was feeling indicated he needed surgery on his cervical spine to treat his spinal cord compression, which was affecting his arm and leg function.  Daniel had surgery at Ascension St. Vincent Fishers Hospital at the end of April.

After surgery, he spent approximately 4 weeks in inpatient rehabilitation and was then able to go home.  Mary stated, the main goal for her was that Daniel could get in and out of bed and the car, as she couldn’t help. Daniel’s goal was to walk again and was very motivated throughout his time in the hospital and rehabilitation.

Since the acute rehabilitation, Daniel visits Indiana Spine Group’s Physical Therapy department twice a week and currently can walk with a walker and even take a few steps on his own.

When I asked Daniel what his goals were, he stated, “I want to walk without a walker, play gin rummy, golf and play my accordion again.”  Those are some pretty great goals!

Wise words from Mary, his wife, “It’s slow progression, don’t expect a lot right away.”

Daniel and Mary Cisek, you make Indiana Spine Group very proud!  Thank you for choosing us.